Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Life: Sissy's list for Santa

I've been inspired by Sissy Kaaren to create a Christmas list for Santa. Note, I'll say upfront that this is a wish list to give myself ideas and is not, in any way, a plea for donations. If anyone has any advice or suggestions, please fire away.

So first on the wish list has to be a magic wand, book, cock, whatever. It would be great for someone to wave a magic item over me and turn me from this middle aged, shy, social awkward wannabe into a young, sexy nymph, so I can find out all about this sex thing I've heard about.

But more realistically, I need clothes. I don't get to dress often but I'd like to feel more feminine when I do. So first on the list is a corset. Something to hold in this extra I have round the middle. Maybe something like

I also need panties - can never have enough panties....and stockings. Maybe some of those panties that are a 'webbing' that holds up a small area of fabric around the bum and front, whatever, they're called. Personally, I'm not into tights, they restrict access to the goodies. :)

I'd also like an apron or two. So sexy.

Now, outfits. I have a sexy schoolgirl outfit, but anything else is needed. Maybe a maids outfit. I'd love to be able to pull off the business woman or teacher look with a suit, silk blouse and shortish skirt. I'm not sure I have the figure for a dress, but maybe.

What else?
Well, to pull off any femme look, I need makeup and a wig. I'm naturally a sort of dirty blond colour, so may go for a brunette wig of shoulder length hair, a bit like my avatar pic.

How could I forget shoes? It'd have to be some sort of sandal with a heel. i want something femme and light.But not too big a heel until I've learnt how to walk in them.

Have I forgotten anything? Do you have any advice from your experiences in these areas.

That should keep Santa busy. If he brings me all that, he can cum down my chimney as much as he wants

Love Coleen


  1. What a nice list and I don't think you've forgotten anything :) I too am in favour of magic or any kind that could in a blink of an eye transform my body into the beautiful, lithe woman I know is deep inside of me. Alas, that is a bit of wishful thinking, but a gurl can dream.

    Well I couldn't wait for Santa so I recently purchased myself a lot of clothes online which I can hopefully successfully integrate with my day to day wardrobe (to be practical) without causing too much of scene at work and so forth. Lingerie, short shorts, Bermuda shorts, various tops and blouses, 3 dresses and a skirt (well obviously this won't work at work lol) and few misc. items.

    Can't wait to get them and see how it all fits :) I don't have any costumes yet but want to get one or two as well. A wig is also on the list. If only I didn't throw my previous one away so long ago... sigh.

    I hope you're able to procure every item you're looking for and I'm sure you'll rock whatever look you go for.


  2. Very good list:
    However, i also would like foot wear, shoes and slippers.
    ""BUT"", not the slutty kind, the kind WOMAN wear in real life.
    sliipers to wear in the house, (i prefer pink ones) but in male sizes mine is 12.
    Shoes, loafers, sandles and shoes small heal like male shoes again male sizes.