Sunday, 11 August 2013

Caption: Romantic Evening in Paris

This is Steve and Ronald. They've been sissified wives for their better halves for 2 years. As a reward for faithful service, they been given a holiday to France. Here they are sharing a romantic evening in Paris together on the last day of their holiday. Little do they know that whilst they've been away, their mistresses have been building a dungeon ready for the next step in their training.

Caption: The challenge

This is Harry, Steve and Fred, ready for a night on the town. Tonight they're under orders from their Mistresses to get fucked by at least three men each. They are not to return until they have completed their assignment.

Who do you think will ride the most cocks by the end of the evening?

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Life: Surreal Moment

So, if you've read some of my original posts, you'll know that I share a house with a woman and her daughter. The woman has an friend coming round to stay for a few days, and as he was due to arrive early she has asked me to take something back to the shops for her as she wont have time.

It's a bra! So here I am, a closet sissy, having to take back a bra. Walking into a lingerie shop is like nirvana for me, so this is going to be hard - and I'm doing it with her teenage daughter, so wont have an opportunity to window shop for something for myself. I really wish I wasn't so skint that I can't just pocket the underwear and give her the cash. It's pretty! A pale pink with lots of lace and a bow. Mind you, it's also too small round the chest and too large in the cup for a sissy like me, so it's probably best it gets returned. :(

Friday, 9 August 2013


I saw this pic on the Life and Times of Sissy Lacie ( Firstly I'd like to thank Lacie for posting such an awesome picture, it's sent my mind into overdrive

When I first saw the picture, I thought "I want to fuck her"
Then my Sissy side kicked in and i thought "i want to be her"

Then the fantasy kicked in and I thought "I want to be opposite her. Dressed in my school uniform, tied and clamped awaiting the arrival of the Mistresses and Masters. They are currently downstairs having a party and being served and serviced by the other slaves. I don't know the girl opposite me, but we've both been tied here as the after-dinner entertainment.

Very soon, I will be released from the bondage. My clit is painfully pushing against the confines of its little cage. Half of me is dreading the acts of depravity I will be forced to perform for the entertainment of my Mistress and her friends ... The other half can't fucking wait.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Caption: Anticipation

Jay and Tom couldn't believe their bad luck. They'd had too much to drink and thought they'd try on their girlfriends clothes for a laugh. Unfortunately the girls had come home sooner than they expected and caught them in the act. Before they could explain themselves the girls had somehow overpowered them and tied them like this. Then they'd dug out some wigs and attached them on their boyfriends heads.

Jay and Tom were now very worried. The girls had left saying something about bringing home real men and not sissy boys. They'd been gone for hours and despite all their efforts, the boys were still tied together in the girls underwear. They could now hear the girls returning home and they weren't alone. They had men with them and from the glimses of accent our sissies can hear, they sounded black.

Caption: Cute Little Sissy

Not sure where I got this from, so apologies to the original owner. Hopefully, I can appease you with these words "I wish I was that Sissy. Love, Coleen".

Caption: As promised - Dave's Dilemma

Dave is learning how to be the perfect lady. He has mastered make-up, hair styling and wardrobe choices, but always forgets to keep his legs together as a proper lady should. Dave knows his mistress will punish him for his infraction later, but he's undecided as to whether that's a bad thing or not. What do you think?

Tuesday, 6 August 2013


well its been months since i've posted. Nor much has happened in that time really. it's been time spent ignoring my sissy side and living manly, well as manlyas i get anyway. i'm still confused about my sexuality, still alone in that respect and still a virgin.

i found either a blog or a tumblr site the other day about "if i wasnt a man/sissy, i'd be a lesbian" and realised thats exactly how i feel. i'd be a sub to a dom partner who could do anything and everything to me in the bedroom or anywhere else she wanted. i'd keep myself fit and trim, not for me but for her.

instead i've got this ugly blokes body that hates exercise and had a middle aged spread. ho hum c'est la vie, as they say.

i have some more pics/captions to upload so will try to do that soon

be happy, my friends,