Monday, 28 October 2013

Caption: Who needs tradition

Dave knew this wasn't the traditional bridal outfit. He also knew that it definitely wasn't what his parents imagined him wearing on his wedding day either. Dave didn't care though. He couldn't be more excited on this, his wedding day. The Master was going to walk him up the aisle and marry him to his new owner. Dave had no idea who his new owner was or if they were male or female. All he knew was how to be the best sissy he could be and he was determined to do that in his new married life. Master would say his "I do"s for Dave as he obviously couldn't talk with the gag in his mouth and then his new life would start. Dave couldn't wait.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Caption: Another world

"Come on" said Mike, "we're going to be late, and you know how Mistress hates it when her guests have to wait to fuck us". Mike and Pete had somehow found themselves in an alternate dimension that they'd entered through a painting in an old Art Gallery. Somehow in the transition they'd been transformed into hot girls. Pete wanted to find the painting in their new world that would take them back. Mike, on the hand was enjoying his new life so much. He loved the old house they now lived in. He loved serving Mistress in any way she desired. Most of all though, he loved being taken in any and all ways imaginable and couldn't wait for the next time.