Saturday, 10 August 2013

Life: Surreal Moment

So, if you've read some of my original posts, you'll know that I share a house with a woman and her daughter. The woman has an friend coming round to stay for a few days, and as he was due to arrive early she has asked me to take something back to the shops for her as she wont have time.

It's a bra! So here I am, a closet sissy, having to take back a bra. Walking into a lingerie shop is like nirvana for me, so this is going to be hard - and I'm doing it with her teenage daughter, so wont have an opportunity to window shop for something for myself. I really wish I wasn't so skint that I can't just pocket the underwear and give her the cash. It's pretty! A pale pink with lots of lace and a bow. Mind you, it's also too small round the chest and too large in the cup for a sissy like me, so it's probably best it gets returned. :(

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  1. i'd be curious to hear if you sense that the teenage daughter notices your body language or senses the scent of your emotions while in the lingerie store.

    BTW - i think that would be a great name for a lingerie -