Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Caption: Anticipation

Jay and Tom couldn't believe their bad luck. They'd had too much to drink and thought they'd try on their girlfriends clothes for a laugh. Unfortunately the girls had come home sooner than they expected and caught them in the act. Before they could explain themselves the girls had somehow overpowered them and tied them like this. Then they'd dug out some wigs and attached them on their boyfriends heads.

Jay and Tom were now very worried. The girls had left saying something about bringing home real men and not sissy boys. They'd been gone for hours and despite all their efforts, the boys were still tied together in the girls underwear. They could now hear the girls returning home and they weren't alone. They had men with them and from the glimses of accent our sissies can hear, they sounded black.


  1. Say hello to your new life. But hey, don't worry as eventually you'll ever wonder why you ever tried to fight it. Let the flower grow within you

    Mmm, yummy, arousal n delicious thoughts