Friday, 9 August 2013


I saw this pic on the Life and Times of Sissy Lacie ( Firstly I'd like to thank Lacie for posting such an awesome picture, it's sent my mind into overdrive

When I first saw the picture, I thought "I want to fuck her"
Then my Sissy side kicked in and i thought "i want to be her"

Then the fantasy kicked in and I thought "I want to be opposite her. Dressed in my school uniform, tied and clamped awaiting the arrival of the Mistresses and Masters. They are currently downstairs having a party and being served and serviced by the other slaves. I don't know the girl opposite me, but we've both been tied here as the after-dinner entertainment.

Very soon, I will be released from the bondage. My clit is painfully pushing against the confines of its little cage. Half of me is dreading the acts of depravity I will be forced to perform for the entertainment of my Mistress and her friends ... The other half can't fucking wait.

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  1. I so relate girlfriend. N yet whatever happens will be OK