Friday, 27 December 2013

Life: Reflections and hopes

Its that time when we reflect on the past year and look forward to the next so I thought i'd share some thoughts.
So what can I say has happened over the past year? I found and lost an online relationship. Although, on reflection, that relationship was doomed from the start, there are still times I miss her. I hope she's doing well and is happy.
I started off the year feeling very low and not really knowing the reason. I'm still low but believe I know the cause. Unfortunately the fix is not easy but for the first time in my life I can say that I believe I want a special someone in my life. Sad that I spent my first 40 years denying myself any fun, but need to move on and try to fiz it.
I dont know if i'll ever find someone to spend the night and more with as I am not an island and others I care about would be affected if it was to happen. Mind you, if I went out at night with the intention of returning with a partner, a fly-on-the-wall would be watching a car crash of epic proportions. So i've gotta take baby steps just to get out my front door first!
So Resolution 1: i'm 2 stone overweight, and the gym scares the hell out of me. So i'm going to do a lot more walking, take a very long route home every day. Eventually, maybe, i'll join a gym but that'll be later in the year.
Resolution 2: I need to go out more. I'm a hermit with no friends outside of the house (unless you count g+ :) ). so earlier in the year I saw the council run group guitar lessons so i'll find it again and join up.
So that's my plan. Hopefully it's achievable. My theory is that if I can lose some weight and learn to socialise, maybe, just maybe, that dream of finding a partner will be a litte closer.
If anyone has any suggestions/recommendations or whatever, please drop me a line.


  1. Hi, Coleen. I must admit that I'm an infrequent visitor, but I did notice your comment about losing weight. Walking is good for you, and being active has benefits beyond weight loss, but the key to losing weight is to change your eating habits. Society is set up to encourage us to overeat, as well as make bad food choices, and recognizing that is the first step. After that, identify your worst tendencies and try to tweak them for the better. Smaller meals, better balance between protein/carbs/etc, less snacking, shifting calories to earlier in the day -- anything along those lines will help. And keep walking too. :-)

    1. Amanda,
      Thank you so much for your response to my post. Don't worry about being an infrequent reader, i'm not exactly prolific :)

      I know I suffer from the portion size curse so will try to make them smaller. I tend to have quite a balanced diet with fair amount of veg and have infrequent takeaways. Since I got older and my metabolism slowed I think i've always hovered about 2 stone overweight. Not great, but not too bad when compared toothers.

      My main problem has been a lack of exercise for 20 yrs. Hopefully i'll start addressing that.

      Thanks again,