Sunday, 29 December 2013

Life: "Good news everyone..."

"You're going to the planet of certain death."
Sorry, couldn't resist the Futurama quote.
So I've moaned and whinged and stuff a lot on my blog, working through some issues and trying to figure out my direction. For a change I thought I'd give you some good news :)
Today has been a good day, partly helped by finding £100 in my wallet that I didn't know I had! :)
Following on from my resolution post, I started with a nice long walk today. Had to go to the pet shop to get some supplies, so walked it. I've been told I walk pretty fast and managed to cover about 4 miles in 75 mins, half of it with rabbit food on my back and hay in my hands. I don't know if that really classes as being fast though.
Came back from there and then went to have my hair cut which means I feel tidier as my hair is horrible when it's long.
I also managed to practice a bit more on the guitar. Trying to learn some riffs to toughen up my fingers. They're short and stubby, so chords are a bloody nightmare as when i press down on one string, my fingers  touch others causing horrible noises. Hopefully, it'll get easier.
I also had a chat with the flatmate and she's supporting the changes i'm making and is even planning on making ones herself. One of those changes for her is a twice weekly walking session with my boss. I'm slightly worried that things may get said but that worry is far outweighed by my happiness that she's making changes for her own happiness. If it gets round the office that i've never had a relationship, i'm sure i'll get a few comments but people have taken the piss out of me for being short all my life so it's nothing new!
So a pretty good day I think. I also have the impression that 2014 could be a good year. I've just got to keep the momentum going and that's going to be difficult on cold, wet, windy days after a long week at work.
If you see me slacking in the coming year, please give me a kick in the arse!


  1. Who wouldn't love a sweet Sissy that quotes Futurama?!?!?!?!?
    Honestly sweetie I think the guitar lessons are a great way to meet like-minded people. Music is a fantastic ice-breaker as it's something in common to allow conversation and a friendship to develop!
    I play a little on the piano so maybe we should start an all sissy band!
    Seriously though when you start doing your walking exercise try to envision a reward for each mile or each kilometer, I used to picture my all time favorite movie star removing one article of her clothing for each mile! Worked for me!!! I started walking years ago and now I run a few miles a day! I have stripped Raquel Welch down so many times in my mind she must be getting a cold!
    Put a fiver away for every week you lose weight and when you reach your goal go out and buy yourself something really pretty!

    1. Kaaren, there's so much to reply to in your post!

      Firstly, what good advice about the walking. Although I guess Raquel Welsh ran out of clothes after 2 miles :) she was only wearing a bikini in 1 million yrs bc! Such a beatiful woman and still beautiful now.
      It also surprised me that you said "fiver". Do they use that in the states or have you been watching too many British films ... Or have I just completely assumed your nationality incorrectly?

      A sissy band sounds like an awesome idea. I've met a few wonderful sissies on g+ who I wish lived local. I'm sure we'd all get along great and be really good friends if we could meet.

      As for Futurama, I so wish I could do the accent. There have been many times i've said "good news everyone" at work but no-one knows i'm quoting when I say it in my northern twang.

      Thanks so much for your reply Kaaren. Love you sweetie,