Friday, 27 April 2012

A review of the week

It's now been about a week since I started my journey so I thought I'd summarise my week and look forward to my next challenges (see next blog). Firstly, my Sissy's Anonymous declaration: It's been a week since I last wore man pants.

My tasks this week were:
- To wear panties for at least an hour a day. This has been passed easily as I've been wearing them 24 hrs a day.
- To buy a flavoured lip balm and apply it like a lipstick. This was bought today and has had its first application.
- To sleep with it all tucked back. This has also been achieved this week. It's also been tucked back whenever it got excited - which is quite a lot given I've been wearing panties.

What else has happened this week?

Well, I bought my first school uniform and some new undies and have added pictures of the uniform to my imagefap page. Here's a preview of the uniform if you want to look further

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