Monday, 23 April 2012

The first day at work

Today was a bit of a milestone. I wore my panties to work. I've worn them before, but always underneath man pants so no-one would know. I've had this job for 18 yrs and have known some of my colleagues for almost as long. I've always chickened out from only wearing my panties under my trousers before. The trousers are quite thin and I've been worried it would be obvious that I was wearing a g-string under them.

Today I took the plunge and have been wearing panties all day. No-one noticed - or if they did, nothing was said.

I've now not worn man pants since Friday. :)


  1. Congrats on taking that step Coleen



  2. Way to go, hun! :) I only wear panties but soon will have a whole new wardrobe and with that should replace all my man pants. Giggle. Wonder if I will have the same fortune as you at work.


  3. I must confess that I do slip back into manpants at times. I go through phases. I've been dressing under my work clothes this past week even on the day we moved boxes to another site and I was concerned about trouser slippage showing off my thong. I hate having to hide and pretend but dont want to hurt those around me that I care about

  4. I know what you mean Coleen Dawson, I myself was bending over at work one day, when a woman tapped me on the shoulder, and told me the lace on the top of my panties was showing. Then said not to worry, your secret safe with me.