Sunday, 22 April 2012

A Close Call

Like a good little sissy, I decided to wear a nice pair of panties and a pair of hold-up stockings today underneath my jeans so no-one would know. This was very nearly a big mistake that could have outed me before I am anywhere near ready.

I had to go to the shops which are about a 20-25 minute walk away. I need to lose a few pounds, so rather than drive, I chose to walk. Getting there was fine, I picked up what was needed and started to head home. It was at this point that I realised the hold-ups had started to slip down. They'd never done this before and I've no idea if the slip was caused by the moisturiser I rubbed into my legs after shaving this morning, or by the sweat from the walk. Either way, I was close to walking down the road with stockings appearing from under my trouser leg.

Fortunately, there's a public toilet about half-way home, so I thought I'd pop in and sort the stockings out. With my usual luck, they turned out to be closed on a Sunday. Damn! Then it hit me. I'll pop into the department store on the high street. It was on my way and by this time, the stockings were closer to my knees that my thighs. I managed to get to the department store without them falling further. Disaster! That was closed as well.

What was I going to do? I had about another 10 minute walk and the stockings were on my knees and felt like they wanted to fall further. I continued home, hoping that they wouldn't fall further. If they did, I was screwed. I share a house with a woman and her daughter and if any of the neighbours saw me, it would get back and cause me a world of problems.

Fortunately, they didn't fall any further than my shins and I made it home without my secret getting out. That was a bit close!

Note to self. Next time I want to go for a walk, make sure the stockings are attached to a garter belt :)

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