Monday, 26 November 2012

Some thoughts

So I was thinking yesterday about the somewhat unusual situation I find myself in and what it means to be a man in todays society and how it reflects on me.

Firstly, though I should probably give a bit of background. I share a house with a single mother and we have shared for the last 17 years. Our relationship has never been, or ever will be, anything but platonic, but we are close and have helped each other through some very rough times. Strangely though, we have two very different personalities. She is outgoing, bubbly and loves socialising and I am introverted, shy and avoid groups of people and socialising. Despite these differences  we have formed a partnership over the years and I have helped bring up her daughter (now a teenager), hopefully guiding and teaching her to be able to get all from her life that she can. Neither of them are aware of my cross-dressing habits.

Yesterday, we were having a lazy day. For most of the day, she watched some films and I was sitting in the same room on the computer. She thought I was playing a game, but I was really reading "My Fall to Grace". It's an excellent story by Leeanne over at and I would really recommend it to anyone. I've been wearing Lingerie all week, so had some stockings and panties on under my clothes. Once the film had finished, she asked if I would dye her hair for her. So there I am, in lingerie, dying the hair of a very good friend whilst she's checking out a dating site and talking about a bloke she's met who sounds promising. It sounds like something a girl would normally do with her girlfriends :) She has met talked to plenty of men on these sites in her search, but has been unable to find "The One" so far. Most have turned out to be complete idiots who are looking for a fuckbuddy rather than a partner. A number of years ago, she met one and fell in love. Unfortunately, he turned out to be a user who almost destroyed her, literally, with his lies, deceit and downright nastiness.

So what is it that women want in a man? It seems to me that to be a man in today's society you need to treat women as objects. If you're nasty, sleep around, or simply ignore them to go watch football, then you'll get the girl, even if you're not stunningly attractive. If you care and support them, then they don't want to know, unless you look like a Greek God. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not trying to suggest that I want to get together with my housemate, but I've tried the dating sites and had a few nibbles, until I post a picture and then I never hear from them again! I'm not angry, after all I know I'm not Hercules, but I am slightly disappointed in the emphasis that today's society puts on looks. I would never, ever treat someone the way that some men seem to want to treat their girlfriends/lovers. Yet they seem to think that's how it's done and have had relationships that suggest it's working for them.

Having said all that, I'm aware of the irony that this is being said by a person that has pictures of attractive women in his other posts!

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