Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Not going very well

A few days ago, I set myself some targets for this week and they're not going very well. The first failure was my attempt to give up pleasure for a week (if you know what I mean). That target got blown a few hours after I made it - just like a New Years Resolution :) I'm too much of a perve for porn!

The second target was get more exercise. I weighed myself on Monday and found I was 2 lbs lighter than when I last weighed myself a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, I think the run I had on Saturday has taken too much out of me. I tried to go for a run this afternoon, but really didn't get very far at all before I had to give up. Unfortunately I don't think I can blame everything on the fact I had a big bag on my back full with my work gear and coat. Maybe trying to run 3 times a week was too much of an ambition at first.

At this point, I'm feeling pretty down, so I probably need to remind myself of my goal. So here's a pic of one of my favourite girls in the world - Sarina Valentine

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  1. Coleen,

    open yourself up darling! you can do this.