Sunday, 3 March 2013

Life: Help / suggestions needed

So I was browsing through some Blogs earlier and came across a sissy who had been given a number of tasks to complete by her Mistress. This inspired me somewhat and as I don't have a Mistress to obey, I thought I'd throw it out to my readers to see if they had any suggestions for tasks that I could perform. I've been stagnating in my journey, so am looking for inspiration.

Note, I'm in the closet and those close to me have no idea about this side of me. I will do nothing to hurt them. I also have limited funds and time to support my sissy tendency so please bear this in mind.

The type of tasks could be:
- Do not touch for a period of time
- Own/buy specific numbers/colours of panties / sets
- Own/buy a specific tool/toy/uniform

Feel free to suggest anything. I will post a list of those I intend to try to complete and update you with progress

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