Friday, 18 January 2013

Life: My continuing journey

It's been about a month now since I posted a message about me and my journey.

I've continued to wear panties virtually full time. For the first few days back at work after the holidays I felt safer wearing man-pants, but apart from that it's been lingerie every day. Looking back in my blog I realise that it's probably now over 2 months since I wore man-pants on a regular basis.

I'm back on a diet as I put far too much weight on at the end of last year. I currently fit a UK size 14 and want to get that down to a 10 if I can. I'm not sure if that will be possible given my male physique, but I'll try. I'll be happy with a 12 as long as the size 12 basque I have no longer digs into me. The willingness to exercise continues to elude me though. Being rather private at the best of times means exercising at a Gym scares me witless.

I also have a new phone which should allow me to take some photos. Unfortunately, the current me has a big blob of hairy belly to get rid of before those photos will look anything like how I want to look. On the hair front, I shaved my chest with a razor a while back but was left with stubble. Can anyone recommend a good hair removal product that will leave me smooth and which doesn't stink! I'd considered Nair, but am in the closet and don't want the smell of hair removal cream giving me away :)

If you have any questions, hints or just want to say Hi, drop me a line.

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